NFL Blogger Has A Special Take On NASCAR Record Never To Be Broken

March 15, 2017


The cartoon picture is a tribute to young race fans that will keep the sport going (like my little girl that has half the NFL helmets learned but has yet to pick a NASCAR driver) and is perfect as I post a blog in a tribute to my all-time favorite non-football star & stat! On second thought no football player could take the place of the King as my favorite in sports.

Here is the background. Despite being a huge National Football League fan with a self published book to show for my love of the sport… NASCAR was my first sport infatuation. Yeah I have pics of me in Jets pajamas but I was flat out born a car nut. Huntington & the Long Island area are not NASCAR hotbeds but that is where my love started. I still remember the color picture book of the sport that I did a book report on in front of class in 3rd or 4th grade. The blue 43 just did it for me I guess and became a fan of Richard Petty early on. Was a thrill to catch a race on TV the way they broadcast back in the late 70’s. I never knew when it would be on but it made my week to stumble on to a race being shown.

Fast forward to about 2003… I am living in Denver and writing for National Short Track profiling the drivers in the top division at Colorado National Speedway. I was able to get a press pass for the Busch races held between Colorado Springs and Pueblo when the track there was functioning as a major speedway. I was able to catch up to my childhood hero and.. “Excuse me Mr. Petty I am a big fan and just wanted to show you an odd coincidence on my drivers license!”

It is crazy to think I was too young when I became a fan of his to tie this all together but here is what I showed him:
I pointed to my name, Scott Richard Perry, and stated the obvious that replacing the double R with the double T would also making me Richard Petty…but… I then showed him the fact I was born on 4-3 during the season he won a non-touchable record of 27 races. I am sure he thought I was a nut case and I was too thrilled to attempt to capture the event on film but it was a my ‘Babe Ruth brush with greatness moment’ in my life and I’ll never forget that day.

He retired in 1992 but I was lucky enough to sneak up top onto pit road seating at Watkins Glen to see him race that year. His son Kyle Petty won the race shortened by rain but the drive back to my Mom’s in Rochester was awesome having bagged my first race and a Petty sighting. His last race that year was also Jeff Gordon’s first ever. It worked out I had a guy to root for all these years but the fact the cars are so unlike what we see on the showroom has my excitement for the sport has waned but I still enjoy a race once in a while and Petty blue in the winner circle will always be epic.

So 4-3-1967 will soon be a distant mile marker for me but it’s nice to have something other than getting old to celebrate on that date. I pray for the Petty family that they have God’s peace with the passing of several family members since the turn of the century. I was also lucky enough to marry a wonderful Linda but if you take the Y from Perry she would be Lynda just like the one I am sure Richard still misses every day. GO 43!

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