Early March: 2017 NFL Year Has Kicked-Off / General Info For New Year/ Congrats N.E.

March 7, 2017


Thanks for checking into the blog for all things NFL team history. 2016 was a tremendous year for book sales of NFL SINCE 1970 and while my team did not make it back-to-back for Super Bowl titles I still enjoyed the entire season. The 2017 edition is very close to becoming available so please send me an email (scott@nflsince1970.com) to lean more about how to get one. I have been very Blessed to have given many talks on the subject of NFL history over he past year and have seen many faces light up when talking about the heyday of their favorite team in the greatest sport! Please contact me to book a talk…any place that has 5-6 or more football fans is worth me coming to talk to so lets set a date.

The updated book is now just 3 seasons away from that huge milestone season of 2020. While I will be riding the time-wave into my 50’s in early April folks born on the day the AFL & NFL played their first game as a merged league in the Summer of ’70 have some time but it’s coming. As I get older years seem to go by in about a 5 month period now .. not sure how that’s possible but I am feeling it. Anyway, that 2020 season is the 50th since the merger when the AFL clubs called the NFL home for the first time. I love the fact somebody, in New York, back in the late 60’s said “Wait! lets hold off on the conference (AFC/NFC) formation until the start of the 70’s!” Did they know there would be a fanatical fan (me) all excited about the compilation of games to see who was the best in the regular season? Just what are the odds it could work out that the entire NFL would be celebrating 100 seasons at the point I could be, with the help of some bad coming Steeler seasons, celebrating my team (Denver) as the winningest in the 50 years since it became an NFL team?

These days in early March are exciting for fans as we watch and hope that our team makes the correct moves in an effort to be the Atlanta Falcons of 2016 for the new season. What an end to Super Bowl LI! Looking back if the Giants had not beaten the Patriots in those two Super Bowls (please read my blog on the G-men after their last title win) NFL fans would really be dealing with a Yankee-like dynasty in the only new century 95% are going to live to see. I was pulling for a new NFL city to showcase a a shiny Super Bowl trophy during the game but with the Perry family roots being in New Bedford Massachusetts I would never show them nay disrespect. If they went back to the white Patriot Pat helmet they would have a bigger fan in Denver but that silver one has me giving them a bit of the pose that guy is in on the trophy for best college football player. We’ll not always have a team to watch with a death grip on their division and some day they will fade from the spotlight so until then it’s kinda cool to be a fan during the greatness.

Thanks for reading my first blog for the new football season. Let me know what you are looking forward to seeing in the regular season!

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