Washington Redskins Hanging on in Top 10 of Winning Percentage of All Regular Season Games Since Merger

April 7, 2016

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The Washington Redskins history since the NFL became the NFC in 1970 is your basic example of an organization staying relevant off past success. In the the stat of how they rank in winning percentage over the last 712 games since that 1970 merger they maintain a respectable #10 ranking. On the other hand, the Redskin’s playoff record of 20-15 in that time frame has three wins in the Wild Card round (’05,’99,’92) since the team’s 3rd Super Bowl championship in 1991. This club has struggled with a revolving door of QB’s and head coaches that seemed poise to get its stellar fan base back into action in the postseason. The result has been a nightmare and even a 2015 NFC East title seemed more like they got stuck with a hot potato the Cowboys, Giants & Eagles didn’t want to deal with.

This team was the final victim of the Miami Dolphins perfect run of 1972 and only 8 other NFC East banners have been hung at FedEx Field since. The Dallas Cowboys have owned the NFL’s most decorated division (11 Lombardi’s) since the merger but Washington has had some bright points. They managed to win a Dolphin Super Bowl rematch in 1982, a surprising blowout of the Denver Broncos in 1987 & a most recent title against the Buffalo Bills following the 1991 season.

The organization is still almost 40 games over .500 since 1970 even after being 20 under .500 for the 2000’s and 20 under for the current decade. So for you stat geeks it’s pretty cut & dry… 80 over .500 1970-1999 and 40 under 2000-2015. So if Redskin fans would like to see their team in the top 5 for that momentous 2020 season when we celebrate the NFL turning 100 and the merged league clocking its 50th season they lag behind the 49ers & Patriots by about 25 games. Fans have reason to believe they have a QB that can start producing the mandatory 10+ wins seasons needed to claim that top 5 spot. The Packers and Patriots are pretty serious competition between Washington and that top-5 rank so the next 4 seasons should be interesting in DC. Seems the owner is an unpopular element for some fans but just one more Super Bowl win makes it just the 7th team to have earned 4 or more Super Bowl wins. The country will be looking for a big change this November in the Nation’s Capital and by then we should be aware of which direction the area’s NFL club is headed.

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