Seattle Seahawks End 1st Season As Winning Organization In All Regular Season Games

January 4, 2016

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It took all of the 40 seasons in their history but the Seattle Seahawks are now a winning franchise. When you divide their 315 wins by the 628 games played since joining the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as an expansion team for the 1976 season you get a .502 winning percentage. The 2013 Seahawk Super Bowl divided the league down the middle as 16 of 32 teams now have a Lombardi Trophy and both the ’76 expansion clubs are on the winning side but the Bucs only have 241 wins and a .385 winning percentage.

Seattle’s longest stretch of .500 or better is the six seasons from 1983-’88 and the longest period of .500 or worse is the eight seasons from 1991-’98. The club seems to run in alternate streaks of 4 or 5 years as of late and was really inconsistent in its years as an AFC team from 1977 to 2001.

Only fourteen clubs out of 32 can say they have a .500 or better winning percentage in the regular season since the AFL/NFL merger. A 13-3 record last year or a fast start this year would have gotten them there sooner but the Seahawks have come on strong and seem to be able to put up a fight to defend the NFC crown held since the Jan. 2014 win in NY/NJ.

The season ending win over the Arizona Cardinals was impressive and the team earned its 6th wildcard spot to go with 9 division titles since ’76. By finishing 10-6 they completed their 9th year as a winner of 10 games or more and matched the 9 seasons Seahawk fans have had to sit through 10 losses or more. The Seahawks only need to finish 6-10 next year in order to beat out the 2003-’07 stretch as the best 5 year period in regular season wins.

So as the only team to play in both the AFC & NFC championship games ramps up efforts to earn a 4th NFC title the Seahawks now have the label of a winning organization as they head to face the Minnesota Vikings in the Playoffs.

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