Green Bay Packers: Quarterbacks The Force Behind Climb Into Top 10

October 29, 2015

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Since the merger the Green Bay Packers may have a slight edge on being the best example of one guy pulling a team from the depths of the losing side of NFL Since 1970 to the winning side. (Colts and Patriots fans may want to chat about that)
Lindy Infante passed away less than a month ago and it was his NFL coach of the year season of 1989 that could be considered the turning point for the franchise. That playoff-less 10-6 season allowed the Packers to not rank worse in the 80’s than it did in the 70’s. Turns out the team was the 22nd best in winning percentage for both decades so that ’89 season (only the 2nd 10+ win season since merger) was a big factor. Unfortunately Infante went 10-22 over the next two years and the Holmgren era started as a result.

Farve was 0 for 4 passing as an Atlanta Falcon with two INT’s. The Packers decided there may be an upside and traded for him in 1992. The rest is history after he fills in for Majkowski against the Cincinnati Bengals.. One losing season, two lost NFC title games, one lost Super Bowl & a Super Bowl win over the New England Patriots are some of Brett’s highlights that got him in the Packer Hall Of Fame last summer.

2008 was a 6-10 first year for Aaron Rodgers but it has been 10+ wins mostly & playoffs every season since. The result of his play has been an amazing 15-1 season (ended by the New York Giants early), a loss in the NFC title game and a win over the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Super Bowl. A Steeler win could have been it’s 7th title bit instead Title town claimed #13 to add some wattage to the marque.

So the Packers now sit at #9 in my book ranking all 32 teams in winning percentage since the merger. They earned every spot in that rise from the #25 spot Green Bay was ranked when Brett Favre showed up. The climb from the losing half of the NFL to the upper-winning side gets harder the higher you get as you battle teams with long histories of success. A huge factory has also been the collapse of the once proud Washington Redskin & Oakland Raider organizations. These clubs have spent the entire 45 seasons since the merger in the top 10 (along with the Miami Dolphins, Dallas Cowboys & Minnesota Vikings) until last year. To clarify the Redskins are currently 10th but close to falling out if they don’t get back to the ways that sustained a top 10 spot.

Packer fans can’t take for granted these days of back-to-back franchise QB’s. Think of Chicago Bear fans and how many posters their man caves have of franchise quarterbacks. Really only the San Francisco 49ers can say they have experienced such fertile QB ground (early 2015 is slowing the roll on Indianapolis Colt QB greatness back-to-back)

Notes:I was remiss in making sure young fans aware of the fact that the Packers were the dominate team in the NFL for a long time during the 50’s & 60’s. If you check their history on you will see why they call Green Bay Wisconsin Title Town U.S.A…If the Super Bowl started one year sooner following the 1965 season the Packers Super Bowl Record would be 5-1 and the Buffalo Bills would be 0-5… I am guessing and like both teams so it’s a tough call to assume that would be the case. What do you think?


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