New England Patriots Continue Up The Rankings Of Wins Since ’70 At Crazy Pace

September 24, 2015

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The New England Patriots took over the #6 spot in winning percentage of all regular season games played since 1970. Opening the 2015 season they beat the Pittsburgh Steelers and the San Francisco 49ers clobbered the Minnesota Viking team that dropped to #7. A week late the Vikings got past the Detroit Lions but the Buffalo Bills let the Patriots run their normal dominate game plan in Buffalo and NE has kept the slight lead in winning percentage.

The Boston Patriots spent 1 year as an NFL team before becoming known as the New England Patriots for the start of the 1971 season. In that first year as an NFL team they were the worst team to take the field (2-12) of one merged (AFL/NFL) league in 1970. One more win in ’71 would have made them a .500 club that year but it would take until the most patriotic year of the century,1976, to see the club have any semblance of respectability. The eventual world champion Oakland Raiders ended the Patriots season that year  (in the Playoffs) but the Raiders 16-1 mark was un-perfect because of a loss in New England that October. The Patriots had hired away Colorado University head coach Chuck Fairbanks for the 1973 season and managed to instill a winning mentality after struggling for the 3 seasons prior to that encouraging 1976 campaign. The Pats had had only one losing season from then until Raymond Berry’s final season in 1989. Berry, a Super Bowl winning receiver with Unitas and the Colts, lead the team to the AFC title in 1985 and a big loss to the Chicago Bears in the Super Bowl. From that lousy year in 1989 until 1995 the team was arguably the worst in the NFL. Bill Parcells fourth and final season as head coach there resulted in another Super Bowl loss (Green Bay Packers) in New Orleans before he headed to the New York Jets . Pete Carroll takes over and posts records of 10-6, 9-7 & 8-8 before he is let go and eventually lands the Seattle Seahawks job and the misery of being the coach the Patriots beat on the last play of the most recent Super Bowl.

New Century and new coach as Bill Belichick ends a period of mere hours as Parcells’ replacement in New York to take the job in Foxborough. A disasterous 5-11 record was the result of that 2000 season but after Tom Brady replaced an injured Drew Bledsoe in week two of 2001 vs the Jets the NFL would never be the same. Ironically this game was preceded by an unprecedented NFL week off as a result of the terror attacks originateing in New York and Boston. Since then the worst season was a playoff-less 9-7 record in 2002. NFL Since 1970 has a new page for 2015… it is a visual of the standings of all games played since 2000. As of this blog post the Patriots have a 17 game lead over the rest of the NFL in those 242 games. The 10-year span between Super Bowl wins has to be frustrating for fans, especially the 18-1 record after the 1st of 2 Championship defeats by the New York Giants, but a 4-2 record in Super Bowls since 2001 makes New England a lesser version of “Title Town” than the Wisconsin area that seems unwilling to give up the moniker . Patriots are 4-4 in all Super Bowl appearances and early into 2015 the team shows no slowing down in adding to the dynasty. I use the current Tom Brady run as a prime example of how NFL Since 1970 is a book that provides optimism to all fans. He, along with Favre & P. Manning took over a team stuck on the loser side or really stuck helplessly on the bottom of the losing side and single handedly carry them to the winning side. In Brady’s case it may be close to number one!

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    The New England Patriots shot up the rankings following a marquee matchup versus the Green Bay Packers.


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