Minnesota Vikings Remain In Top 6 Of Winning Percentage Since Merger But For How Long?

August 26, 2015

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IMG_1617 Minnesota Vikings are a near-great NFL franchise! From 1970 to 1999 only the 1984 & 1990 teams lost 10 or more games. Since 2000, 6 Viking clubs have lost 10 or more games.  They are holding off the team that has won 4 Super Bowls since the turn of the century in the stat that my book, NFL Since 1970, tracks through illustrated standings and compilations. A New England Patriot’s win on opening day 2015 will take the 6th spot held by the Vikings if the guys in purple lose that weekend. So the only team in the top 10 that is without a World Championship (1969 NFL Champs but lost Super Bowl IV to the AFL Champion Kansas City Chiefs) could be starting 2016 as the 7th best team if they don’t win more games than Tom Brady’s Pats.

Not long after becoming a team in 1961 the Vikings became a well respected organization. The single expansion club from that ’61 season hired Bud Grant in 1967 and after a lousy 1st season he made the team’s 5 losing seasons just a memory. He won that 1969 NFL title and then 3 NFC Championship games  but when he called it a career in 1985 he left with the same 0-4 Super Bowl record that fans up north still have attached to their beloved team. Bud lost the 1977 NFC title game to the Dallas Cowboys and since then three other coaches have lost a total of 4 other games that would have given this team a shot at that 1-4 record the Denver Broncos earned after the 1997 season. It was assumed those same Broncos would be the Vikings next Super Bowl opponent as Denver tried to repeat in 1998, but the NFL  was shocked by the dirty birds known as the Atlanta Falcons.  The Viking kicker that year was nails until it counted the most and Dan Reeves went on to face John Elway. The Vikes had to suffer through the worst kind of off-season there is… 15-1 regular season and a #1 seed wasted. The 2009 NFC title game loss vs the home  New Orleans Saints was a heartbreaker based on the effort of Brett Farve but not as brutal a loss.

What you will see in NFL Since 1970 is that the Viking franchise, right out of the chute in 1970, had the best winning percentage after ’70 & ’71 combined and then again after its last NFC title in 1976. The 7th spot is actually their most common occurring postion. Landing there after the ’84 season Les Steckle had the rough job of filling in for Grant until he took the reigns for one more year. So Vikings fans take heart that you never leave that top 7 status in wins    (not going to count the drop to 8th for 1996 when the Carolina Panthers took 7th for one season since I base standings on winning percentage) and that there are too many teams to mention that never crack even the winning side of the compilation page. If the current QB can become the franchise guy they need,he could have them in the running for that top spot by the 50th anniversary of the merger in 2020. I am pulling for them to have a trophy next to the purple helmet before then.


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  1. RMAU Says:

    From the team’s debut in 1961 to 1995, the Vikings’ logos and uniforms essentially remained the same. Reflecting Minnesota’s Scandinavian cultural heritage, one of the team’s two primary logos consists of a profile of a blond norseman , while the other consists of a white Viking horn .


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