Denver Broncos Will Start 2015 In Great Position to Move Up Quickly In All-Time Winning Percentage Since AFL/NFL Merger

August 12, 2015

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IMG_1578IMG_1578NFL Since 1970 publication now available on This  being posted before week 1 2015 the current 4th best team is the same one that caused the publication to grew from an idea into something every NFL fan can learn a great deal of info from. There is no shortage of fans out there mis-quoting facts this quick reference can correct.

The Denver Broncos peaked in this stat during the 2005 & ’06 seasons. Jake Plummer and Mike Shannahan had lost the 2005 AFC title game to the Pittsburgh Steelers at home but they jumped over the Oakland Raiders, Dallas Cowboys & San Francisco 49ers to claim that all-time high spot of 3rd place behind the #1 Miami DolphinsPittsburgh Steelers. The Broncos stayed there until the 2007 season when Denver’s 7-9 record sank them behind a Cowboy team that managed a 13-3 mark. (New York Giants went to Dallas and ended the Cowboy postseason  in 60 minutes on the way to hanging the “1” on the New England Patriot’s 18-1 season)

Fourth place is where Denver ranked when I published my first version of NFL Since 1970 and they have not moved either way in the subsequent 7 seasons. That could change after just the opening day results. The problem is a loss by the Dolphins to the Washington Redskins and a loss by the Cowboys to the G-Men to go along with a Bronco win over the Baltimore Ravens could be a one week wonder. That scenario will have moved Denver into sole possession of the #2 slot but keeping both Dallas and Miami down all season could be hard to achieve. Pittsburgh, the current #1 team (since 2010) in  winning percentage since that 1st game 696 games ago,  needs have a bad season to let the others get closer. It looked early on in 2014 that the Steelers were willing to be an average team and while their playoff effort showed  signs of that they did their usual magic to win 70% of their games and take the AFC North by a 1/2 game.

So lets get to some exciting Bronco historic stats from over the past 45 seasons. I make no bones about the fact I know my team was the worst of 8 original teams in AFL history (only club to miss playing in AFL title game – only club to lose more than 9 games on average in each of leagues 10 seasons (14 game seasons)) but the merger season is just such a compelling starting point for the modern league I’ll take the flack, from mostly Green Bay Packer fans, for excluding the 1960’s.

I like to start with the fact Denver is the best city in which to be a fan of the home team when you consider the fact 3 times in the 45 seasons the team has put its fans through a ten-loss season. I know Steeler fans have a good case based on the fact they are next up with 4 ten-loss seasons and that pesky fact they have the most regular season wins and Super Bowl titles but I am giving this category to the Broncos. Next up is the fact that seen on the last page of my book… Only Denver can say that all 4 complete decades since the merger have them in the top 8 in winning percentage for each decade. That 6.5 place average finish in total winning percntage makes them the most consistent regular season game winning club.

So here we have the team I want to to see atop this list come the 2020 season that will commemorate the 100th anniversary of pro football’s start in 1920 in that Dayton Ohio car dealership. It is also the 50 season mark for the modern NFL after the merger took place. The chances of Denver sitting at #1 are pretty much up to John Elway and who ever he picks to be the QB in the post- Manning era. Elway has to be given a lot of credit for the huge amount of wins since taking over in 2011 and I am betting on his talent to keep the W’s coming but of course a championship is is the goal and that spot cleared next to trophy 1 & 2 has been needed to be dusted too many times.

Back to some positive Bronco news available on in my book… for the current decade the Broncos are tied with the Seattle Seahawks for 6th in winning percentage. Five seasons into it the Denver Broncos are keeping alive the stat of being the only team to rank in the top 8  all 4.5 decades since the merger. In that little stat I truly have the solace I was seeking when the idea of the book came to me in 1986.  I wrote the book to give all fans optimism for their team to top the chart at some point. A franchise QB and a down era for a few other teams and you could be seeing it happen.Kickoff 2015 is near!

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