Cleveland Browns Taking To Field In 2015 With Basically Same Look

February 25, 2015

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Cleveland could have gone the fast-buck route and gotten major merchandise sales out of a crazy arena league looking uniform update but they didn’t. There are lots of generations of Cleveland Browns fans that would like to see the Browns as they know them (Some since the 1950’s) take the field for their first ever Super Bowl wearing the gear they are famous for. As you probably  are aware the city had their beloved team ripped away from them like a rag-doll at the end of the 1995 season and brought back to life as if nothing happened for the 1999 season. (The franchise they morphed into in 1996 flew off with a Super Bowl trophy in 2000) The Brown’s organization no doubt had to think about how they would look when they took the field for the first time in 1999 and they choose to not change anything of note.

It should be of no surprise they announced this week that they are making only minor team changes to their look for 2015. The team orange is going to be brighter, the face mask is changing from grey to brown and they came up with a secondary logo of a fierce Dawg Pound Dog that is more of a tribute to the fans than to the team itself. A team making that acknowledgement of it’s fans is pretty rare and cool.

So how are the Browns looking for 2015 performance  wise not apparel wise? They took a leap of faith in the 2014 draft on a QB and he is in rehab while the team’s best WR is not much help in the foreseeable future based on more off field decisions that did not go well.

The 7-9 record last year was actually a bright spot since the club’s reemergence in 1999. In the 16 seasons they have played since they are 4-12 in their effort to not lose double digit games each year. It had to be hard to watch Bill Belichick win title #4. Knowing him he probably went back to his den at home and grinned as he passed whatever memento he keeps on his bookcase to remind him of his 5 years running the show in Cleveland.

In my NFL Since 1970 publication the Browns went from the winning side of my winning percentage ledger and one game under .500 in 1995 to pretty deep depths of the losing side heading into 2015. If you are a football fan and have not done research on what a great franchise this team was up until the start of the merged NFL in 1970 you will be amazed that they were almost New York Yankees good.

The NFL Since 1970 book will make a genius fan out of anyone with a slight interest in Profootball. It is a visual guide to all 45 seasons since the AFL became the AFC and The old NFL formed the NFC. Email at to learn more.


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