NFC South May End Up The New Low In High Division Placement

The New Orleans Saints have been a victim of heading to a playoff site where a losing team was able to slide into the postseason. In 2010 the Seattle Seahawks won the NFC West and hosted the Saints with an all-time low 7-9 record while New Orleans finished second to the Atlanta Falcons after going 11-5. In fact that year the Tampa Bay Buccaneers finished third and watched the playoffs from home along with the New York Giants after they both went 10-6. It’s interesting how entire divisions can ebb and flow in the same direction. Seattle got passed the Saints only to lose to the Chicago Bears and finished the season at 8-10.

For 2014 the NFC South is 2 games away from beating that regular season futility! With six games left the 4-6 Falcons and Saints have some whacky scenarios. Go undefeated, finish 10-6 and act like nothing bad happened is one option. Another is win two or three and at least finish .500 and take the division. Have not really studied the schedule to see if it is possible one team can finish by winning 2 of six and win the division at 6-10 but that would be a low-light in NFL history. In so many bizarre possibilities there is one in which Lovie Smith could win the last 6 games of his first season in Tampa and win the South at 8-8. As a fan that does not really cringe at the idea of any of the four advancing I am hoping one team steps up and gets at least 8 wins on the year. It will be interesting.

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