Packers Vs. Dolphins Match-up Highlight of Week 6

If you take notice of uniforms like I do it was an interesting contrast of colors when the  Green Bay Packers went down to face the southern most team in Miami. It’s a pretty obscure inter-conference match-up you don’t see but every four years if you are paying attention.  You know a ton of traveling Packer fans are mad at the schedulers for not making that game happen after mid-November.  It was the 14th meeting in 45 seasons since they merged into the same league in 1970. The Miami Dolphins lead 10-4 in that series and had not lost to the team from title town until 1997 when The Pack went on to win the NFC and the Dolphins lost in the Wild Card game.

So lets look at what these teams have done in the regular season since that merger year. Between the time the Packers became 2-0 in Super Bowls and the AFC/NFC kick off they won 12 of 28 game and finished 3rd twice.  They made the playoffs in ’72 & ’82 but then waited until Favre’s first full season as starter to go again in 1993. As for the Dolphins from their first ever game in 1966 to the end of the AFL in 1969 the Dolphins won 16 of 56 games but manage 10 wins in that ’70 season and lose to the Raiders in round one. They then go on to the next 3 Super Bowls winning the last two and going 36-6 in those regular seasons including the world famous feat of 14-0 in 1972.

Green Bay’s win in Miami gives the team a second game cushion as it pulls away from the Oakland Raiders in winning percentage of all regular season games played since 1970. This of course is a big deal to those that are with me in having an interest in how teams rank in that category.  The Packers were really bad in the 70’s & 80’s. In fact they were the 22nd worst team both decades. Oddly enough it was 5 different teams that made up spots 23-27 in the 80’s while the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were dead last(28th) in both of them. (sorry Mark Cooper… Hey Denver 8th in 70’s & 1 game behind Miami for 3rd in the 80’s)

So this is a reason to celebrate Packer fans!… They took the 10th spot from the Raiders and became a top ten team for the first time in all 680+ games played since the merger. Ironically it’s the Raider’s 1st time out of the top ten and leave the Dallas Cowboys, Minnesota Vikings  & Dolphins as the only clubs that can say they have never wallowed in 11th or lower. This is a great story for fans of teams seemingly stuck in the losers column. In 1992 the Packers were 25th out of 28 teams when Brett Favre took over at QB. NFL Since 1970 ‘the book’ has little love for players because it is all about team effort in climbing the chart. In his case, (along with Tom Brady & Peyton Manning) a single QB throwing the team on his back and taking it from a long duration spent on the losing side to a spot on the winning side it is too big a feat to not single a guy out. Teams are still waiting for their 1st post-merger franchise QB while the San Francisco 49ers, Packers & more than likely, the Indianapolis Colts are clubs that have gone from one to the next with no scrub in between.

For more irony it was current Packer QB Aaron Rodgers that pulled out a Dan Marino trick to get that 358th win in 685 games. Meanwhile he hung loss number 281 on the Dolphin franchise that Dan was a huge part in keeping in the number 1 spot from 1984 until the Steelers passed them in early 2010. The old “Get ready for a spike to stop the clock” fake resulted in a gain to the 3 and with that many seconds left they  went ahead 27-24 to end a great game.

So the moral of this Packer/ Dolphin game story is have faith in your team. Get a copy of my book and keep track of how your team is doing so you can enjoy its rise to the top half once they find a way to instill some greatness to the franchise. You never know who is coming down the pike in the draft or a second team guy itching to bloom to into a 500 TD thrower. Fans of teams like the Redskins, Vikings and Dolphins need to remain optimistic their teams can reclaim the glory days that have kept them in the upper echelon all these decades!


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