NFL Since 1970 Is Updated And That Means The Wait For Football Dwindles

June 2, 2014

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It’s June and that means we are getting closer to having a kickoff in Canton Ohio for the Hall of fame Game that will be a huge help for Bronco fans. Not having the Super Bowl be the last game played in the league will be a step in our recovery. I just picked up updated versions of NFL Since 1970 from the printer and new for 2014 will be segmented versions for all 32 teams.

What that means is if it is not a general copy it will have one of the 32 team’s helmet on the lower cover next to the word EDITION. Inside the front page will be a fact sheet from my vast League knowledge that every fan of that team should also be aware of. The good facts in black and the not so good facts will be in red.  That means along with the flipping of the pages to see your teams progress as they get ranked against the other clubs you can gauge how they rate as year by year the black and red change dominance.

 NFL Since 1970 just happens to be a great learning tool for all National Football League fans but the fans of only one club share the passion that compelled me to produce the book. The Denver Broncos are the organization you can thank if this book were to become your favorite Sunday afternoon companion.  Here is how the book came to be:

Something about being a Colorado resident seems to sway people into being caught up into Broncomania. I moved to Denver from New York as a mild 14-year-old fan and a month into training camp coverage of the 1981 season I was an orange bleeding fanatic that soaked up team facts and started a passion for a sport that is now-hands down the USA’s favorite.

When my team missed the 1985 playoffs with an NFL record 11 of 16 games won it was the last straw. Cleveland entered the playoffs at 8-8 and New England took our playoff spot and won 3 road games in route to a big loss to the Chicago Bears in Super Bowl XX.

Those facts piled onto the 1984 home loss to the Steelers in Elway’s 1st full-time starting season…Needless to say I needed to feel good about being a Bronco fan some how. Discovering they were the 8th best team after adding up all regular season games since the merger (70-85) did the trick and the idea was born to see them reach the top spot in that category.

Original Bronco fans are still plentiful and hearing old Denver Bear’s Stadium stories is a thrill for fans that have missed the days of the vertical stripped socks and losses in mass. They were by far the worst AFL team from 1960 to 1969 (only team to not play for AFL title and they averaged close to 10 loses a year during the ‘60’s) so it was a no brainer starting the clock on this book in 1970 when the AFL became the AFC (American Football Conference) and the NFL teams became the NFC (National Football Conference).

Excluding the AFL era felt good when I started the idea in 1986 mainly for one reason. I didn’t want to know how far behind the Oakland Raiders Denver sat in regular season games played from 1960-1985. The great news for Bronco fans in 2014 could be a passing of the Raiders in all games played in even that time frame. I think they are only 2 or 3 games behind them but as of right now I don’t feel like confirming that number in fear we will not see that mountain summited so I’ll check into that if the season starts favorably in September. Hang in there fans… Summer is near and so is the time they used to have two-a-days! Let me know if you’d like a book. Thanks!


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