Thoughts on The End of Preseason and Start of Regular Season

September 1, 2012


The Giants and Pats end the preseason against each other once again. The 6-3 Giant win was not a thriller but it reminded me of the oddity of the those teams ending the pre, regular and post season in 2007. The league seems to be establishing preseason games that are annual match-ups but nobody will ever care about games that don’t matter.

The other NY team did not win in the preseason ending Eagle game but the Jets (0-4) got in the end-zone and did not beat the 1977 Falcons record of going 3 preseason games without seeing that part of the field. I find that interesting history because the 7-7 ’77 Falcon club allowed a modern record low of 128 points in a 14 game season. You would think the staff would have worked harder getting some  “O” to match the Super “D”. Maybe the Broncos would have been able to beat them in Super Bowl XII had they been able to bowl over the Cowboys.

Always like to see a connection to the past play on as Charlie Batch suits up for the Steeler’s 80th season and his own 15th. That is only two less years in the league than the team he helped beat in the closing game of exhibition (Panthers).

Liked the fact Jeff Fisher played all starters in the final game the Rams played in preseason. He left them in until they were up 21-0 so maybe Jeff is aware NFL Since 1970 shows that if they don’t at least play .500 ball in ’12 they will be under .500 in all regular season games played since 1970 for the 1st time in team history.

The last week of meaningless games included 4 past Super Bowl rematches and none of the franchises that lost in the biggest game were able to get the W. What are the odds of that? Vikes, Chiefs, Pats and Chargers all lose again to old nemesis… those four teams are a combined 4-9 in Super Bowls.

Ok lets touch on week 1 of season 43 since the AFL & NFL merged in 1970. SF V. Green Bay is a power house game to kick off 2012 and should say a lot about how those teams will fare in the new year as this will be a serious brawl. The League sends the Steelers back to the city it ended 2011 in and where it became the other half of the 1st pair of teams to play in overtime during a regular season (tie in 1974)  & the loser in the 1st ever newly formated overtime game. Pretty sure I heard the owners had changed it to all  games played starting this year. It is long over due based on the accuracy of kickers and just makes it a lot less frustrating for losing fans to stomach on the way out of the stadium. Ben vs.Peyton is going to be very compelling indeed…

I am guessing week 1 starts the farewell tour for Tony Gonzalez at Arrowhead and I plan to stick my head out the door during player intros. I have a feeling I’ll be able to hear, from Denver, the rocking going on in KC as the future hall of famer plays one last game there. What a class act Tony is!

Check back for more week one ramblings! Yeah Opening Week!

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