Week 3 of Preseason Pondering

August 24, 2012


If Week 3 of the 2012 preseason kicked off on Thursday with the Rams at the Colts (they played 2 weeks ago) instead of the Pack at the Bengals the evening could have been called “The night of NFL purist angst”.  Jags (new in ’95) vs Ravens (former Brown’s club reborn in 1996) and the Cardinals (St. Louis ’60-’87) vs. Titans (Houston Oilers until 1997) made up the other two games played that day.

I for one am in that group of fans that have been around since before the 1982 season when teams started leaving cities for greener pastures.  Being the whacky fan that I have been since ’79-’80, I have often found myself wondering what my reaction to a crystal ball would have been had I been able to see a future schedule like this preseason. How did the Texans and Titans get a second chance at pro football? How did J-ville and Charlotte get a team? Why is L.A. a college town?  On that last note, I am all for the Rams heading back west and if the Jags can make it work in FL let St. louis have a shot with them. This is the number one reason my NFL Since 1970 book has helmets and not cities or nicknames to represent the organization. It is frustrating for a general NFL fan with a secure favorite team …I can’t imagine what it’s like for someone with a defunct tattoo on the calf. The sport is the greatest and has nobody creeping up on it to fight for the crown. The situation in Cleveland should have been resolved in the mid 90’s because, as in most NFL situations, the light on the end of the tunnel is always daylight! The fact the Houston Oilers are in the history books as a 1960 original AFL team (Champions that year in fact) and never to be seen again is for me, the most disappointing move. I have no desire to pull for a team named after a place I once changed airplanes in. Ok there are several teams I will pull for the Texans to beat but I miss the guys in blue! I could go on a long time on this topic but I’ll leave it that for now!

Only two non-inter-conference games this week as the very young Jags lose to the younger Ravens and the old Giants organization plays the even older Bears club.

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