Let The Games Begin

August 9, 2012


The Olympics are a close competitor for NFL games when it come to excitement. The absence of attention paid to some really cool events over 4 years really makes for compelling TV when they are back in the spotlight. The USA athletes are doing their best to make us proud and you have to love their efforts. What a country!

The fact we are merging onto the highway right now that takes us to the next NFL off season in 24-25 weeks is awesome.  I am super excited we are underway. I have not heard a lot about the idea of going to 2 preseason and 18 regular season games. I think it was a high up Packer official that down played the prospect of it happening and that makes me very happy to hear support could be waning. As the author of this book that chronicles the 16 game season since 1978 and the 14 games played in seasons from 1970-1977 I don’t want the increase in games that count for many reasons. The injury concerns of recent years are by far the biggest downside as players have to go all out for an extra 120 minutes plus. As a self proclaimed purist of the sport I don’t want to see 9-9 be the .500 season or 12-6 be the average record of division winners. It has a taste of USFL to me and I don’t like it. The idea of giving players 2 more games a season to compile stats really makes comparing greatness a little more cloudy. Sixteen should be locked in as the best number of contests to see who gets to the playoffs.

As years go by more and more preseason games make you think of past Super Bowl match ups or Super Bowl match ups that should have been. I would have counted a New Orleans / New England Super Bowl as one of my favs regardless of outcome. The Brees/Brady game on Monday Night Football not too long ago was epic.Of course as a Bills supporter the rematch with the Redskins is pretty  much a non event. Just another reminder of what could have been had Norwood made the field goal a year earlier and instilled some swagger the organization could have built on. I personally don’t want the Steelers to add to the leading total of 8 Super Bowl appearances but I would be cool with PA joining CA & NY as a state that hogged both Super Bowl participants. (I know the NY/NJ call is in effect) It’s really hard to say which PA team is the better doing into 2012 and the week one of preseason match up wont help with that problem.

From 1984 to 1991 only one season was played without the Broncos and or Bears playing in their conference championship game. They never made it to matching Super Bowl dates but  they are both working hard to get back to the game these days. Peyton rides his new horse for the first time against the team that he beat to get the 1st ever Manning Super Bowl ring. The Bears trot out the Cultler/ Marshall due for its first ever game in an effort to see if they can make the playoffs as teammates for the first time. Broncos would like to see their back up, Caleb Hanie, beat his old team and build some confidence going into 2012 .

The Packer / Charger match up reminds me of my very early days of NFL fandom as I watched them from my Aunt’s house in Chili NY. They played in the 1980 HOF game in Canton and had the game cut short by crazy lighting. Dickey/ Fouts now there’s a Super Bowl mach up I would have liked to have seen!

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