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Jim Saccomano On The NFL Since 1970

Why this book will brighten your football life?

This publication is so unlike anything out there Denver’s CBS affiliate made Scott the Fan Of The Week on the Bronco’s Coaches show during the team’s 7th and latest run to an AFC Championship in late 2013.
The idea behind ranking all clubs by regular season winning percentage was born in April1986 after the Denver Broncos failed to make the playoffs with a record of 11-5 (NFL record tied by New England in 2008 after going 16-0 in ’07). The Cleveland Browns won the AFC Central at 8-8 and hosted the Dolphins while Denver fans went Skiing.

The Patriots took that tie breaker, won four road games and became victim number two in a 13 year run when the NFC would not let an AFC team hoist the Lombardi trophy. Walter Payton and the rest of the shuffling Chicago Bears took that ’85 title. The second to last straw was the fact the ’84 season was ended by the Pittsburgh Steelers. They came to Denver with 9 wins and made pointless the 13-3 season of John Elway in his first year of being a starter.
It had been 5 seasons since Scott moved back to Colorado from Rochester NY and still no playoff wins to give a glimmer of championship hope. (Non-Denver fans can skip down to the *)
The plain facts are these… In an effort to feel better because he knew he was the fan of a good team but wanted to try something that would be a visual way of proofing that fact. With the correct inkling Denver had the least amount of wins as an original American Football League during its run from 1960 to 1969 he decided the best starting point to build up this esteem was when Denver and the rest of the AFL became the AFC and the NFL became the NFC.
Brad Schultz, the author of a 2013 NFL book that actually uses text, chose the title The NFL Year One. The subtitle is: The 1970 season and the dawn of modern football. Thanks to Brad it is well documented a random year to the start this compilation was not picked to put the Broncos in a favorable light… Wishing to sweep the AFL past under the rug is pretty much a Bronco-fan only desire. Single team of original 8 to fail to play for the title by ’69 and lose about 9 of 14 games played each of the 10 years.
*As of a quarter into the 2015 season Bronco discussion will be kept at a minimum here in an effort to not have to back track if the tide turns but fans of all 32 teams have a reason to rejoice with this visual chronicle that can be updated with a free page after 2015 is over.
With the arrival of the 1st of the 3 Super QB’s in 1992 (Elway el Marino?.. Super QB’s but took over teams already in top 10 of winning percentage) born was the idea that one guy… the right guy… could swing a franchise stuck on the losing side of NFL Since 1970’s great divide of winners and sub-.500’s over into hope territory. Seeing the effect of the perfect acquisition must encourage fans of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New York Jets, Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions and Arizona Cardinals (to name a few) that titles and general franchise respectabiility are obtainable! Through this publication Scott has become aware of all the joys and sorrows of each fan and wants his efforts to spotlight the histories that need a revival and mostly give young fans hope and determination for their team.

(One more note on the author’s 30 year journey in this pursuit: the book is truly an organic pro-Denver tome that Scott never dreamed would turn into what could be an exciting race. 2020 is both the 50th anniversary of the AFL/NFL Merger and the 100th anniversary of the NFL’s start in the showroom of a car dealership in Canton Ohio…There is a lot of time and a handful of teams that could claim the title of best winning percentage at those milestones)

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